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Our resources are intended to make your journey as a parent, caregiver, teacher, or friend, as smooth as possible.

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Drug Prevention

Start off the School Year With Our Smart Start Tips!

Helpful Hints When Starting Middle School
The Big 3 Smart Starts for Elementary School
5th Grade Smart Start

Homework Hints to Start The Year

Meaningful Opportunities to Volunteer as a Family

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online/Family Tech Plan

Understanding the Teen Brain

Parenting Through Societal Pressures

Empowering your Preschooler

Get The Most Out of Parent - Teacher Conferences

Connecting Nutrition and Health

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Alcohol & Drug Prevention

Behavioral & Mental Health

Cyber / Digital / Technology

Growth & Development

Parenting Skills & Family Tips


Program sLIDES & Videos

“I keep my CARES handouts posted to my pantry wall, and with each child, I go back to the basics (i.e, the 24 hour rule, avoid being your child’s best friend, resist the urge to rescue, and many more). These nuggets have provided a sense of security and sanity through many challenging moments of childrearing.”

Linda C.