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Our resources are intended to make your journey as a parent, caregiver, teacher, or friend, as smooth as possible.

Resource Topics


Drug Prevention

Start off the School Year With Our Smart Start Tips!

Helpful Hints When Starting Middle School
The Big 3 Smart Starts for Elementary School
5th Grade Smart Start

Homework Hints to Start The Year

Meaningful Opportunities to Volunteer as a Family

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online/Family Tech Plan

Understanding the Teen Brain

Parenting Through Societal Pressures

Empowering your Preschooler

Get The Most Out of Parent - Teacher Conferences

Connecting Nutrition and Health

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Trending Topics

Summer Fun ’21!

Join New Canaan CARES in having some summer fun! Read, relax, learn some fun facts, craft, bake, and enjoy the sunshine with us! Share pics and videos of your creations

Anti-Racism Resources

Included are links to two recent New Canaan CARES programs and three links that provide a variety of resources for you to explore for yourself and your family.

Tools to Talk

Recent events are going to stir up many emotions and we want you to be equipped to talk with your children. Below are some tools for you to use for these conversations.

Program sLIDES & Videos

Alcohol & Drug Prevention

Behavioral & Mental Health

Cyber / Digital / Technology

Growth & Development

Parenting Skills & Family Tips


Program sLIDES & Videos

“I keep my CARES handouts posted to my pantry wall, and with each child, I go back to the basics (i.e, the 24 hour rule, avoid being your child’s best friend, resist the urge to rescue, and many more). These nuggets have provided a sense of security and sanity through many challenging moments of childrearing.”

Linda C.