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Managing Emotions in Masked Times

September 16, 2020
What is best for preserving our physical health is not always conducive to our social and emotional health.

Family Guide to Inauguration 2021

Inauguration 2021 is one like no other and an excellent opportunity for families to explore some basic ideas.  Here are some key ideas for discussion: What Is Inauguration Day? The

Anti-Racism Resources

Included are links to two recent New Canaan CARES programs and three links that provide a variety of resources for you to explore for yourself and your family.

Tools to Talk

Recent events are going to stir up many emotions and we want you to be equipped to talk with your children. Below are some tools for you to use for these conversations.

Celebration Centerpieces

SOLD OUT - Thank you for your support! Earth Garden and New Canaan CARES are bringing joy to your holiday table! Order yours today and it will be delivered on November 24th or 25th.

New Canaan Coalition Logo Contest

New Canaan Coalition  2020 Logo Contest   The New Canaan Coalition (the Coalition) requires a new logo this year and we need your help!  The logo must reflect the goals

LGBTQIA+: Understanding the Terminology of Identity

September 23, 2020
Learn more about gender identity, sexual orientation and inclusion Awareness of LGBTQIA+ specific struggles, concerns and insights.