Paddle Tournament Fundraiser

January 5, 9:30 AM – 12:30PM
@ New Canaan Field Club
164 Smith Ridge Road

$75 registration fee includes paddle and lunch
$25 lunch only
Paddle limited to first 20 players, lunch open to all, register today!


Fall 2017 Leadership Challenge Program

2017 Fall Leadership Challenge Program 

This selective semester-long program trains current high school students in the community to become successful driven leaders. This program leaves kids with a multitude of leadership skills designed to serve them in future endeavors even beyond their high school environments. By allowing students to step outside the classroom and get involved in a variety of community organizations, and truly make a difference in the lives of others. Students will walk away with 10-15 hours of service learning and 45 hours of leadership training and the knowledge that they have made a difference.To nominate a leadership candidate, please complete registration below.
Nominated leadership applicants are required to submit a brief leadership survey detailing their interest in leadership.  The “Leadership Journey” survey can be found here.  Once completed, please email to The Fall Leadership Challenge program will begin mid-September 2017.

Staying Safe Online

Hear from National Expert, Marje Monroe

State of the art safety information, age-appropriate guidelines and parental monitoring tips for gaming, phones, social media and other electronic communication

Morning Session
January 25, 9:30 AM
NC Library, Lamb Room


Evening Session
January 25, 6:30 PM
NC Library, Lamb Room


Laura Gauld: Top 10 Parenting Tips

Laura Gauld – Top 10 Parenting Tips

PRIORITY #1 – Truth Over Harmony
We all want honest families. We also want everyone to get along. Which do we want more? This priority calls upon parents to put the weight of their feet on the side of truth.

PRIORITY #2 – Principles Over Rules
We tend to apply rules when things are starting to spin out of control. (e.g., “There is no eating in THAT room, either!”) Rules must be guided by deep principles.

PRIORITY #3 – Attitude Over Aptitude
Schools, families, and society, in general, would be much healthier if we valued attitude over aptitude, effort over ability, and character over talent. Parents often send the message that successful outcomes are more important than honest efforts.

PRIORITY #4 – Set High Expectations and Let Go Of The Outcomes
Discipline alone will not properly raise our children. We need to aim high with our expectations and resist “lowering the bar” when we sense that our children are having difficulty achieving success. Letting go of the outcome allows our children to take responsibility for their actions.

PRIORITY #5 – Value Success And Failure
Today’s parents have a hard time letting their children fail. Success is important, but failure can teach powerful lifelong lessons leading to profound personal growth.

PRIORITY #6 – Allowing Obstacles To Become Opportunities
We can get caught up in trying to “fix” our children’s problems (e.g., disagreements with their teachers, coaches, etc.) instead of seeing the potential for positive learning opportunities.

PRIORITY #7 – Taking Hold And Letting Go
It is hard to watch our children struggle with life’s challenges. When should we step in? When should we step away? This is one of the toughest parenting dilemmas.

PRIORITY #8 – Create A Character Culture
This priority can help parents create an atmosphere of character in the home through the application of a three-point plan: a daily job, a weekly family meeting, and a concept called “mandatory fun.”

PRIORITY #9 – Humility To Ask For And Accept Help
While parents focus on helping their children, many avoid asking others for help. Consequently, they raise children who do not ask for help.

PRIORITY #10 – Inspiration: Job #1
Regardless of what they might say or do, teens share a deep yearning to be inspired by their parents. Ironically, we will not inspire our children with our achievements. We best inspire them when we share our struggles, reach for our best, and model daily character.

Spring Elementary Leadership Program: KidPower

March 9, 16, 23, 30 & April 6
Thursdays, 4:15-5:30 PM
HALO Studios

Under the guidance of CARES staff, High School Leadership mentors use engaging activities such as skits, crafts, and role-play to help participants become more confident, competent problem solvers


Fall High School Leadership Program: Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge consists of 45 hours of curriculum training that takes place after the traditional school day, together with 10-15 hours of servant leadership with a variety of community organizations. Each participant comes away with valuable skills designed to serve them in future endeavors; skills such as organization, time management, public speaking, goal setting and constructive criticism. Leadership Challenge provides an opportunity for youth to look beyond their high school environment, opening their eyes to new avenues they might not otherwise have pursued.

Fall Semester: September – December
Spring Semester: January – June

Mondays, 7-8:30 pm

New Canaan High School, Room 204/205

*There are only 25 slots per semester. Register above for consideration.

Please consider donating to CARES to support programs like Leadership Challenge.

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Connecting Community – Changing Lives: Elder Buddies and Youth

New Canaan Cares, Community ProgramsThe Elder Buddies team builds a community with the residents at the School House Apartments in New Canaan. They work together to plan and execute group socialization activities that focus on crossing the generations in a fun and exciting way. These weekly meetings focus on strengthening cognitive skills in the elderly to help keep their minds sharp while also teaching leaders the importance of communication and organization. Leaders create lesson plans designed to incorporate problem solving and communication skills with confidence and fun! High schoolers focus on bridging the gap between the two generations through theme nights such as Game Show Night, Springtime Spectacular, and Mexican night. The sense of family that is developed is further strengthened through activities such as story telling, crafts, and trivia. Elder Buddies is a great way to learn more about the elderly and create community while building on skills that will be essential throughout high school and beyond.


Skills Addressed:

Public Speaking
Time Management