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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Parent Representatives for local schools and preschools
  • Home Tour Committee
  • Annual Appeal Committee
  • Grant Writing
  • Photography

Create a Facebook Fundraiser for New Canaan CARES

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed
  2. Click Raise Money
  3. Select Nonprofit
  4. Type New Canaan Cares in the search box and select
  5. Fill out the requested information
  6. Click Create

Amazon Smile

Set your Amazon Smile account to support New Canaan CARES and know you are helping CARES just by going about your daily routine.

Host a Special Event for Family and Friends

Perhaps a coffee to spread the word about CARES?
Spin, yoga or pilates session?
A luncheon with a speaker?
Book chat with friends facilitated by our ED?
Any other family fun ideas welcome – contact us!


For generations, New Canaan Cares has been here for you and your family. Consider leaving a legacy…so your cherished values live on for the next generation of New Canaan families.

A legacy gift could be made in one of the several ways.

  • Bequests in a will or trust
  • Beneficiary designations in a retirement fund such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b)
  • Beneficiary designation in a life insurance policy
  • Or outright gift of life insurance cash value

If you would like to discuss how you can leave your legacy with New Canaan Cares, contact the office at 203-966-7862 for a meeting.

“My family knows that CARES is something that I give time to because I feel passionate about it and that it plays an important role in our community. The speakers have been invaluable to me and I continue to be blown away by how lucky I am to be living in a community that continually strives to make the whole community as strong as possible. “

Kari S.

NC CARES is a community-funded organization, with programming that is curated by, and designed for, New Canaan families. Now in our 41st year, we continue to build on a dynamic legacy of youth and parental empowerment. We strive to provide the best resources for topics that matter most to our town. In conjunction with prominent local and national educators, authors, and lecturers from across the country, our professional and volunteer staff deliver leadership, wellness, and prevention solutions to children, parents, schools and our community. These essential services are provided at no cost to the public and we exist through the commitment and generosity of our volunteers and donors.

New Canaan Cares relies on strong volunteer involvement

Join the CARES team and support a healthier and safer town for our families. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more and get involved.

Every Dollar Counts

Below are examples of how your generous donation will be used.

CARES Community

Up to $99

  • Contributes to a prominent local speaker

CARES Neighbor

$100 – $499

  • Supports a child through the Middle School Leadership Program
  • Helps provide dinner for our Elder Buddies

CARES Friend

$500 – $999

  • Enables our High School Leadership Students to connect with youth and the community in our Mentoring through Media Program

CARES Family

$1000 – $2499

  • Sponsors a high school candidate for the CARES
    Leadership program

CARES Steward

$2500 – $4999

  • Sponsors a semester of our after school KidPOWER Youth Leadership Program

CARES Benefactor

$5000 and above

  • Underwrites a National Speaker for Community Speaker Series