Parents and High School Teens: Mental Health TEDx Speaker

October 21, 6:30PM
NC Library, Lamb Room

Speaker: Emily Torchiana

Emily shatters the mental health stigma by sharing her personal story: being victim to cyberbullying, struggling with mental health and surviving a suicide attempt during her adolescent years. Now a young adult, Emily shares a message of hope and awareness.


Brave Conversations: Understanding Racism

Mara Gottlieb, PhD, LMSW
President of Talking Changes, LLC

June 8th, 7-8:30 PM
Zoom Videoconference

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing will change until it is faced.” – James Baldwin
“If not now, when?” Hillel the Elder

There is no better time than the present to understand racism and its toxic effects on all of us,
regardless of our skin color. But we cannot confront what we don’t know how to discuss, or
educate with information we don’t have. This honest, informative training provides the
knowledge, language, and tools to boldly and productively address issues of race, racism,
and skin color privilege. In a respectful, safe environment, we will have brave conversations
about the socially-constructed meanings of skin color and race, and the resulting impact of
racism in the United States. Finally, and most importantly, we will work together to find
solutions that will empower us to debunk and dismantle structural and individual racism in our
communities and within ourselves.

This Zoom session is open to all community members ages 14 and older. You are welcome to
attend as a family or individually.

*Trainer’s note: I am a white-European woman who cannot and does not speak for people of color. This
training is targeted (but not limited) to other white-Europeans who want a deeper understanding of race and
racism without asking our friends or colleagues of color to educate us.

This program is co-sponsored with New Canaan Library.


High School Juniors & Seniors: VIRTUAL Know Before You Go

April 29, 7:30PM

Speaker: Jessica Feighan

An in depth look at the issue of college sexual assault. Teens will learn to identify attitudes, behaviors and customs which lay the ground for sexual violence to flourish. Learn about Affirmative Consent and the policies and laws in place.

In partnership With LiveGirl & The Rowan Center


Endurance Parenting for Today – via Zoom Video Conference

April 16, 11AM-12PM
Zoom Video Conference

Cristina Young, LCSW will join us via Zoom videoconference to offer what she calls “Endurance Parenting Tips” for  this unique and uncertain time at home. She will address the importance of good self care since this quarantine will require sustainability out of all of us. Cristina will provide concrete strategies that parents can put into action at the dinner table that night.

Learn tips on how to manage conflicts, improve communication, and strengthen relationships within the family. Also, Cristina will advise parents how to narrate to their children what’s happening in the external world to help create an environment of stability and certainty.  Please bring your questions!   Presented by New Canaan CARES.


What to Do With All This Screen Time – via Zoom Video Conference

April 9, 3PM
Zoom Video Conference

We are all using the internet and social media so much more now.   To help guide parents through these unprecedented circumstances, New Canaan CARES and New Canaan Library are offering a follow-up to the CARES/Saxe PTC February presentation by award-winning author and educator Diana Graber, Raising Humans in a Digital World.

Ms. Graber will advise parents on how best to handle the increased screen time in this current climate, guide them on how to set limits when screens are the only way to connect and address parents’ worries about how families will get back to screen time limits once life returns to normal.