Family Resources


At New Canaan Library, we are the community’s center for inspiration and discovery. The Library is the place to discover a new interest, learn a new skill and find a new passion. We make learning straightforward and efficient for everyone–whether it’s hands-on, listening to an expert, finding the right article or simply reading a book.

New Canaan Chamber of Commerce

Each of the events was conceived as a way to encourage street traffic in the business district and/or provide fundraising opportunities for the Chamber or other local non-profits.

The New Canaan Nature Center is a not-for-profit environmental education organization dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to respect, protect, and enjoy the world of nature.

Here are 25 fun and simple ideas to improve in health/self-care, relationships, growth, and adventure.

The New York Times

Whether your family mealtime happens every night or only once a week, in the morning before school or late-night for just dessert, it’s important to take advantage of whatever opportunity you have to nourish the mind, soul and stomach of everyone at the table.