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CARES Program, Beth O'Brien - Head of Early Childhood at New Canaan Country School

Help your little kids grow into self-reliant big kids who are positively connected to their parents, teachers, siblings and peers. This program will equip you with strategies for communicating effectively with the young children in your life.

CARES Program, Beth O'Brien - Head of Early Childhood at New Canaan Country School

Beth O’Brien will share the various characteristics of different types of play and the specific skills each one builds. She will also offer guidance on how to foster opportunities and promote play for children. A recording of this program can be accessed here.

CARES Program

A presentation and conversation about preparation for kindergarten, including social, emotional, and developmental milestones.

New Canaan CARES

A worksheet to help parents empower their children – learn about responsibility and building confidence.

Additional Resources


Having a hard time getting your children to follow directions? Me too.


It may be hard to hear, but there are times when your child is better off without you.


As you teach your child how to be independent, you also need to teach how to be safe.


“Play is a primary, indeed a primal, way that we learn to understand and experience the world around us.”

Web MD

Play is a crucial way for kids to develop social and mental skills, head off stress and build a healthy bond with parents.

Child Mind Institute

Even when we know, as parents, how we should respond to a tantrum, in the heat of the moment we find it hard to resist doing the wrong thing — something that not only doesn’t work but makes things worse. Taking a moment to consider why it’s particularly crucial to avoid these responses, with some tips on how to do so, can help cement your resolve not to turn to them reflexively