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A child who gets through age 21 without smoking, using illegal drugs or abusing
alcohol is virtually certain never to do so.

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NBC News

Smoking e-cigarettes delivers cancer-causing chemicals that get into the body — and popular fruity flavors appear to be the worst. Teenagers who try vaping may be poisoning themselves with many of the same chemicals that make traditional cigarettes so deadly.

Today News

A creative new campaign is hoping to treat teenagers addicted to vaping, which the FDA now says is an epidemic. NBC’s Cynthia McFadden takes a look at how the Truth Initiative, known for its powerful anti-smoking ads, is turning its attention to e-cigs.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

People who feel supported are more likely to quit vaping or smoking for good.

Partnership to End Addiction

We break down what vaping is, why it appeals to youth, what the health risks are and what you can do to protect young people from its harms.


Among teens, e-cigarettes are more popular than traditional cigarettes, and the Juul brand is currently king

Surgeon General

A more natural discussion will increase the likelihood that your teen will listen. Rather than saying “we need to talk,” you might ask your teen what he or she thinks about a situation you witness together.

Child Mind Institute

Vaping has gotten much more popular among teenagers in the past few years. Now, many more teenagers use e-cigarettes, like the brand JUUL, than traditional cigarettes. There are restrictions on the sale and advertising of e-cigarettes to young people, but many teenagers still use them.

Your Teen Magazine

Juuling leads to nicotine addiction that will have dangerous long term consequences. When we consider the number of teens who have been drawn into vaping, we are basically dealing with a new generation of smokers.

Silver Hill Hospital

Episode 13 of Straight Talk with Tracey focuses on the big topic of Vaping and Adolescence with distinguished guests Denique Weidema-Lewis, Director of Prevention at Positive Directions and New Canaan Police Officer, Jeff Deak.