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CARES Program: November 2021

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Examine the impact emotions have on our lives and learn strategies to manage them. Dr. Bogart’s slides can be accessed here.

CARES Program, Barbara McLaughlin

This workshop will help you get through the holidays! Handling tantrums, prioritize activities during the holidays – what is important to you and your family? Re-focus on the giving aspect of the season, whittle down those lengthy gift lists, and more.

New Canaan CARES

Stress is contagious – children can sense when their parents are overwhelmed – so try to manage your own stress (self-care) and don’t start a discussion when you are feeling anxious

New Canaan CARES

We have compiled a list of books about stress and anxiety in children.

Additional Resources - Anxiety Relief Programs for Kids

As parents, we would like to shield our children from life’s anxious moments, but navigating anxiety is an essential life skill that will serve them in the years to come. Try these simple phrases to help your child identify, accept, and work through their anxious moments. - Anxiety Relief Programs for Kids

Try these eight 60-second anxiety relief tools for kids big and small. 

Southwest Regional Mental Health Board

Mental health help is just a click away. HealthyMindsCT has compiled a list of mobile apps and websites to help manage anxiety and depression.

Child Mind Institute

Fears are part of being a kid. Monsters in the closet. Dogs who come too close. Loud thunder. But experts say parents can’t — and shouldn’t — always be there to help kids calm down. Teaching kids how to manage childhood fears on their own builds confidence and independence

Community Mindfulness Project in New Canaan

The Community Mindfulness Project’s mission is to offer a variety of mindfulness and heart-opening practices to help people support their physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being.

Frank Bartolomeo, Ph.D - Director of Behavioral Health Services

Resilience has been variously defined as: normal development under difficult circumstances, or the human capacity to face, overcome and ultimately be strengthened by life’s adversities and challenges.

Child Mind Institute

Teens aren’t usually enthusiastic about talking to their parents — particularly about uncomfortable topics. And it can be really, really hard for them to admit they’re having difficulty with their feelings. But it’s so important to let them know how to tell when garden-variety worries have morphed into an anxiety disorder,
and when they should ask for help.

Mental Health America

Instead of acting on feelings right away, use PATH to find the path to calm.

Mental Health America

The rst rule of caring for your child’s emotional or behavior struggles is that there are no rules. Parenthood doesn’t come with a manual and there will be a lot of trial and error as you gure out what works best to help your child.

Mental Health America

Negative emotions like fear, sadness, and anger are a basic part of life and sometimes we struggle with how to deal with them effectively. It can be tempting to act on what you’re feeling right away, but that often doesn’t fix the situation that caused the emotions. In fact, it may lead to more problems to deal with down the road.

Tracey Masella, LCSW - Silver Hill Hospital

How to have a productive conversation with your child regarding their stress. - Anxiety Relief Programs for Kids

Worry is protection. Worry is a survival mechanism that still plays a role in modern times.

with Lost Got Found's Emily Torchiana

Talking About It Host Cindy Graziano talks with Emily Torchiana, Founder of Lost Got Found, about the personal journey she undertook nationwide to shatter the stigma surrounding mental health. Rather than suffer in silence as many do, Emily seeks to help others who also struggle with mental illnesses by sharing her personal experience of suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, social anxiety, and overcoming a suicide attempt.