Sibling Relations


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CARES Program, February 2022

Speaker: Lenore Dweck, L-BCBA & Family Coach. Are your kids fighting all the time? Do you feel like a referee? If your children bicker, tease, tattle, and battle, then this workshop is for you. Learn how to prevent conflict before it happens, and things you can do to help your siblings resolve their conflict themselves. A full recording of this program can be viewed here.

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Aha! Parenting

Like other humans who live together, even the most loving siblings have bad days and conflicts. And kids don’t have the perspective to know it’s not necessarily the other person’s fault, or the skills to work out differences.

If you have more than one child, it’s guaranteed that you’ve experienced sibling rivalry. Sibling rivalry can take the form of arguing, name-calling, tattling, physical fighting, competition and comparison, taking one another’s belongings, and other behaviors. Use these strategies to minimize sibling rivalry and help your children form a loving bond!