Caring for Ourselves in Chaotic Times

How do parents find time to preserve their own health and well – being? Maintaining mental health is just as important, and often just as challenging, as keeping up with our physical health.

Michelle Albright, PhD

In this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Learn why it is important to care for yourself
  • Leave with tips to preserve your own health and well being
  • Develop your own personal self – care plan


Domestic Violence 101: Every House is Not A Home

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we invite you to participate in this important conversation to help us all understand the various impacts on victims and how we can help make a difference in our community, and beyond.

The conversation will be led by

Domestic Violence Crisis Center Experts

Ann Rodwell-Lawton, M.S.W.

Nikkia Ellis



What is your family plan this holiday season?

Chelsea McGee, LCSW

Julianne Green, LMSW

Chelsea and Julianne will provide ideas on what to include in your plan to stay connected and celebrate the gifts in the moment.

Vaping, Did you Know? – A Family Conversation

A webinar recommended for families with children 11+

Vaping is an emerging public health threat to our community’s youth as young as 11 years old.  Do you and your child know what Vaping is and the effects it has on their lungs and life?  Join this conversation with your child to become educated together!

In Partnership  with the Hub and NC Coalition 

Speakers from the Hub: Giovanna Mozzo, MSW  &  Daniella Arias, MPH, CHES

Mental Health 101: Families with children ages 10-13

Virtual Program 

Emma Kate Freatman, LPC

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.  What happens when your child’s mental health encounters a new and different experience?   How do children handle it?  How do parents handle it when they see their children in distress?  Learn ways to effectively manage anxiety in your child and yourself.  Leave feeling stronger, resilient and empowered to face each new challenge head on together.  

In partnership with Silver Hill Hospital

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