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Calendar of Events

Family Programs
Providing Practical Tools & Tips for Families

5 Ways to Ease Your Student Back to School After Covid-19

8/26/2020 at 7:00pm

Successful Study Skills 4 Students Presents A Free Webinar for Parents of Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

In this 30-minute highly dynamic, action-specific, and interactive seminar, parents are invited to learn best-practice, tools and strategies to support their student as they transition back to school this fall.

Managing Emotions in Masked Times

9/16/2020 at 9:30am

Dr. Michelle Albright, PhD Parents/Caregivers of children ages 6 -12

What is best for preserving our physical health is not always conducive to our social and emotional health. Emotions have been escalating during the pandemic and wearing masks can make it even harder to show and share our feelings. Join us for an enlightening discussion on how to manage emotions during this challenging time.

How to Handle BIG Emotions in Your Little One

9/22/2020 at 10:00am

Amy Dickerson, LPC Parents/Caregivers of children ages 3-6

This interactive workshop will teach strategies for managing your child’s BIG emotions and your own while adapting to the next normal. Leave feeling empowered with hands-on strategies to help you and your child identify, express and cope with emotions during unsettling times.

Healthy Emotion Regulation in Uncharted Waters

9/29/2020 at 9:30am

Tracey Masella, LCSW and Frank Bartolomeo, PhD, LCSW Parents/Caregivers of children ages 10-14

Navigating developmental stages with emotions running high is more challenging during unpredictable times. We will explore what is “normal” for this age, what is cause for concern and how to identify Covid-19 related stress. Learn strategies to ride the waves of change while nurturing the skills and strengths you and your child possess.

In partnership with Tracey Masella and Silver Hill Hospital

Helping Our Teens Thrive In This Uncertain COVID Environment

10/14/2020 at 7:00pm

Cristina Young, LCSW and Parent Educator Parents/Caregivers of children ages 14-18

Join Cristina Young for a talk designed  to help parents help themselves first. Participants will learn practical tips on implementing excellent self-care routines during long periods of ongoing stress.

Parents will leave armed with the strategies and scripts needed to cultivate resilience, empathy, hope and optimism in themselves and in their teens during stressful times.

In partnership with the NCHS PFA

Community Programs
Recommended for Families with children ages 13 and above

4th Annual Community Addiction Awareness Vigil

9/02/2020 at 7:30pm

Virtual Event on Facebook and YouTube

The New Canaan Parent Support group and New Canaan Community Foundation will again sponsor a vigil to raise awareness about addiction and provide healing to all.

For more information go to

LGBTQIA+: Understanding the Terminology of Identity

9/23/2020 at 7:30pm

Micaela Scully, LCSW

Learn more about gender identity, sexual orientation and inclusion Awareness of LGBTQIA+ specific struggles, concerns and insights.

In partnership with New Canaan Library, Silver Hill Hospital and The Lighthouse, an LGBTQ Teen Program

Mental Health Ted X Speaker Emily Torchiana

10/21/2020 at 6:30pm

Parents and High School Teens

Suicide-attempt survivor, Emily Torchiana, shatters the stigma surrounding mental health, by sharing her personal story: being victim to cyberbullying, struggling with mental health and surviving a suicide attempt during her adolescent years. 

Learning & Leading in a Time of Social Justice Activism What Can We Do?

10/28/2020 at 7:00pm

Shamil Idriss, New Canaan native and CEO of Search for Common Ground

The U.S. is undergoing the largest and most sustained movement for social change and racial justice in history. No community is untouched. How can we act now individually and as a community? Kick-off remarks and facilitation by Shamil Idriss, New Canaan native and CEO of Search for Common Ground, the world’s largest peace-building organization and nominee for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

Teen Decision Making: A Community Conversation

11/04/2020 at 7:00pm

In partnership with RAM Council

Join us for an exciting discussion on how to coach your kids on important topics related to their teenage years. Counselor/Prevention Specialist, Joyce Sixsmith and Attorney Matthew Maddox will share their insight on what issues they recommend parents discuss, the value of positive parent/teen communication and how parents can support their teens to make healthy decisions.