Our resources are intended to make your journey as a parent, caregiver, teacher, or friend, as smooth as possible.

“I keep my CARES handouts posted to my pantry wall, and with each child, I go back to the basics (i.e, the 24 hour rule, avoid being your child’s best friend, resist the urge to rescue, and many more). These nuggets have provided a sense of security and sanity through many challenging moments of childrearing.”

Linda C., Mom of middle, high school and college students

Resource Topics

Body Image

Body Image, National Eating Disorders Collaboration

Body Image and Self Esteem, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Teen and Tween Body Image, Mayo Clinic

Cars & Curfews

Cars & Curfews – Meg Domino, PhD, MCHES

New Driver Contract

Leadership Development

8 Powerful Ways To Mold Your Children Into Leaders, Forbes

Youth Development & Youth Leadership, National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition

Learning Styles & Birth Order

Learning Styles & Birth Order, Mike Topazio and Meg Domino

Personalities & Learning Styles, Bunny Potts


Connecting Nutrition and Health – Bite Size Strategies that work with Kids

Nutrition for Children – Nutrition.gov

Nutrition for Kids – Mayo Clinic

Resilience & Self-Esteem
CARES was honored to offer the online screening of SCREENAGERS the Documentary, at Grace Farms, and New Canaan Library, on January 11 and 30th, where nearly 200 community members took part in raising awareness about the value of our own modeling, and the importance of limiting recreational screen time, and being certain that screens are not in bedrooms overnight. Many community members have asked for links to future viewings. The film is not available for individual purchase or rental via streaming, but only through community event screenings like the one CARES hosted.

Physical Wellness and Nutrition, Youth-centered Health Design

Developing a self-care plan, Reach-Out.com

Sibling Relations
Stress & Anxiety

Helping Kids Handle Stress

Recommended Books for Stress and Anxiety in Children & Teens
*Recommended books are available in the NC CARES’ free lending library located at 91 Elm Street above the NC Playhouse.  

Tips For Thriving During Stressful Holiday Time