Strengthening Families

CARES strengthens families by raising awareness on current, controversial and challenging issues facing families today. These cutting-edge programs are research-based and vetted by local parents and educators.

Our aim is two-fold; 1) to assist parents and caregivers of preschoolers, through college-age children to identify and resolve common parenting challenges using a variety of large and small group formats, and 2) enhance parental connections with their children, and facilitate productive family interactions.

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New Canaan Cares, Parents Program
New Canaan Cares, Parents Program
New Canaan Cares, Parents Program

“CARES provides speakers that discuss timely and relevant topics for our New Canaan families. I personally find at least one “take away” skill or point on parenting in each presentation I attend.”

Susan M., Parent, elementary, middle and high school


Maximizing Sibling Interactions, Minimizing Sibling Rivalries

March 28, 9:15 AM

South School, South Hall
Speaker: Bunny Potts

Foster healthy sibling relationships while learning when to step in, and when to stand clear of sibling bickering and conflict.

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Developing a Technology Plan for Your Family

March 30th, 9:30AM
West School, Brow Bag Theater
Speaker: Jake Kircher

Take the guesswork out of parental controls and create a technology plan that works for you and your family. Learn important tips to maximize learning and minimize over exposure with digital devices.

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Helping Your Kids Handle Stress, Worries and Fears

April 5th, 9:30AM
NC Library, Lamb Room
Speaker: Meg Domino, PhD

Gain valuable insights to help you and your child feel empowered to cope with normal social, academic stresses consistent with elementary and middle school development

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Resilience and Empowerment: Instilling a Healthy Dose of Both in Our Elementary Children

April 18th, 9:30AM
East School
Speaker: Chris Bogart, PhD

Provide an environment that fosters mentally healthy and thriving youth. Give your children valuable tools to make independent decisions and learn valuable coping strategies

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Wonder Years – All Preschool Program: Personalities, Learning Styles and Developmental Patterns

April 19th, 10-11 AM
NC Library, Lamb Room
Speaker: Bunny Potts

Adapt your parenting techniques to support various learning styles, personalities and developmental differences in your children

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HAPPY HOUR: Helping Youth Make Smart, Healthy Decisions

April 20th, 7:00 PM
NCHS, Room 204/205

Rising freshmen and their families explore the ins and outs of high school transition, from schedules and extra curriculars to avoiding negative outcomes. Break-out session for youth with high school leaders

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Wonder Years – All Preschool Program: Positive Discipline – Spring and Summer Essentials

May 10th, 10-11 AM
NC Library, Lamb Room
Speaker: Meg Domino, PhD

Stock up on ideas for preventing misbehavior and gaining cooperation as the
hot, unstructured days of summer approach

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Summer Sanity: Tips For Maximizing Family Time

May 16th, 9:30 AM
West School
Speaker: Meg Domino, PhD

Create meaningful family moments while building social competencies in your children; add engaging activities to your summer schedule that will limit bickering, while maximizing a sense of industry in your family

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Keep Calm & Carry On: Enforcing an Effective Summer Social Media Plan

May 24th, 7 PM
Grace Farms, West Barn Hall
Speaker: Jake Kircher

Set the rules for digital devices before the unstructured days of summer arrive. Promote a healthy balance of screen-time and other activities, while discovering screen-free solutions for summer and beyond

2016 Program Topics

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
  • Birth Order & Development
  • Body Image & Eating Disorders
  • Boundaries & Limit Setting
  • Cars and Curfews
  • Cliques, Exclusion and Other Mean Behaviors
  • Cyber Safety
  • Dating & Intimacy
  • Decision Making & Leadership
  • Developmental Milestones – physical, social, academic
  • FriendSHIFTS & Frenemies
  • Independence & Responsibility
  • Navigating the Party Scene
  • Nutrition & Health,
  • Organizing your Family
  • Overindulgence
  • Parallel Parenting – Working as a Team
  • Personal Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Positive Discipline
  • Pressured Child (social, academic, athletic)
  • Price of Privilege
  • Puberty and Development
  • Resilience & Self-Confidence
  • Self-Care
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Social, Emotional and Physical Changes
  • Social Networking/Monitoring Technology
  • Strengthening your Family Bonds (volunteering, traditions, moments)
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Transitioning to Kindergarten, Middle School and High School