Supporting Healthy Lifestyles – Connecting Generations

Raising awareness, supporting healthy lifestyles and connecting generations are just some of the ways CARES builds community. Recent community programs include our national and international Speaker Series, Local Drug Prevention Council, Community Outreach, and Leadership Training to local youth organizations.

Featured Programs

Community Speaker Series

Responsive, research-based health promotion programs presented by nationally renowned authors and speakers – connecting all age-groups – open to local and neighboring communities. Our community speakers provides an avenue for bringing community members of all ages and interests together to raise awareness and address ongoing concerns – together!

Elder Buddies

Elder Buddies is our intergenerational community program that develops bonds between senior citizens and youth, and fosters socialization and leadership skills among participants of all ages! Our team of high school leaders work together to plan and execute group socialization activities that focus on crossing the generations in an interactive and enjoyable way. These weekly meetings focus on strengthening cognitive skills of our Elder Buddies, while teaching youth leaders the importance of communication, organization, and human connection.

Local Prevention Council: Communities4Action

CARES is the regionally designated resource for alcohol, tobacco and other prevention efforts. Host to student and adult leadership teams, resource officers, local community leaders and others interested in prevention. Our office at 91 Elm Street houses is also a lending library with more than 500 resources dedicated to parenting and prevention, including several take-away resources.

Community Collaboration

Collaborative Programs, presented to and with local organizations, in response to community concerns. Partners include: Chamber of Commerce, Grace Farms, Health and Human Services, League of Women Voters, New Canaan Community Foundation, RAM Council, Town of New Canaan, Youth Services.