Empowering Youth to Meet Life's Challenges with Confidence

Preschool/ Elementary Programs

Community Helpers
Topical health and safety sessions that provide preschoolers with hands-on experience to keep their minds and bodies growing healthy and strong.

Interactive afterschool workshop that builds confidence, communication, and problem-solving skills.


Cool Connections -
Socialization and Friendship

Non-competitive skill-building workshop targeting friendship, team-work, and prosocial skills.

Middle School Programs

Asertiveness Training
Afterschool self-empowerment program targeting resilience. Interpersonal communication, and leadership.

Take the LEAD
Year-long skill-building curricular program targeting introductory leadership skills.

Movin' On
Transition programs engendering confidence and support for incoming 5th graders and rising 8th graders.

Community Service Ambassadors
Service Ambassadors learn firsthand the importance of charity while building their interpersonal, communication, and social skills


High School Programs

Leadership Challenge
Semester-long evening program focused on developting and honing essential leadership skills.

Leadership Coalition
Student-driven afterschool club with strong service-learning and drug-prevention emphasis.

Mentoring Through Drama
Student generated original dramatic productions depicting challenging behaviors and appropriate responses performed for younger students.


Teens Talking to Teens
These 5 small-group sessions with fellow freshmen will help you manage the chaos and feel more comfortable.  

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Mentoring Through Drama Spring 2012 

michaela and girl
          Cool Connections Fall 2010

                  KidPOWER Fall 2011

8th grade transition june 2010
       8th Grade Transitions June 2010

          Leadership Challenge Fall 2011

           Leadership Coalition Fall 2010 

Our Youth Programs Tackle...

  • Friendship and FriendSHIFT
  • Bullying, Cliques, Exclusion
  • Body Image & Self-Image
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Emotional and Social Rollercoaster
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
  • Transitions (New School, friends, college...)
  • Communications Challenges

Private Group Workshops

  • Preparing for College
  • Eating Disorders
  • Handling Stress & Pressure
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Alcohol & Other Drug Use
    ...reflecting current issues


"My son really enjoyed sharing his strengths, hobbies, and accomplishments in a supportive and nurturing environment. He came away from KidPOWER with more confidence in himself and the ability to share himself more freely with others."

- Parent


"We learned that third graders are not from a different planet; I learned how to connect with them by finding common topics (same piano teacher) and that made the experience much more fun. I will use these skills as a babysitter, a teacher and a parent."

- Leadership Challenge Student Mentor


"Our main strength in teaching the program came from incorporating our strengths and skills and applying them to the lessons." 
- KidPOWER Student Mentor