Thank You For Your Support

Your generosity allows CARES to fulfill its mission of empowering youth, strengthening family, and building community. Thank you for your kindhearted donations.

Each year, CARES conducts more than one hundred programs, addressing the most requested topics among youth, parents, community members, and school personnel. These programs span multiple age groups with the ultimate aim of fostering individual and social competencies and empowering participants to make responsible and healthy personal choices.

Without your support, CARES would not be able to offer these services free-of-charge to the New Canaan Community – 95% of your donation directly supports youth and family programs.

New Canaan Cares


Underwrite a National Speaker for
Community Speaker Series


Sponsor a semester of after school youth leadership – KidPOWER or Community Service Ambassadors


Sponsor a candidate for CARES’ award-winning Leadership Challenge semester-long certificate program


Provide assertiveness training
for one classroom of
middle school youth


Connect high school mentors with middle school youth through CARES’ Mentoring Through Drama


Provide food and supplies for our Elder Buddies intergenerational socialization program


Support 5-session training for Student HS Coalition to prevent underage drinking


Provide materials for service-learning initiatives, such as the creation and distribution of school supply kits.

Your Gift Makes A Difference

If you’d like to contribute a custom donation please use this button to continue on to PayPal. You can make a one-time donation or set automatic monthly donations. You do not need a PayPal account to donate, just click the “continue” link above the credit card icons.

Physical Donations Welcome!

Physical donations are always needed for youth leadership and inter-generational programs. Call or email the CARES office to schedule a drop-off. Thank you for your support.

  • Small Laundry Detergents
  • Paper Towels
  • Personal Hygiene Products (toothpaste, deodorant, , etc.)
  • Paper Goods (plates, cups, forks, spoons, etc.)
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Lotion
  • Word Puzzle Books
  • Toilet Paper
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Facial Tissues
  • Combs/Brushes
New Canaan Cares

FY 2014-2015 Donations

John & Paula Addeo
Ronald & June Ahrens
John & Sangeeta Appel
David & Jennifer Barnard
Brad & Jamie Beck
Jane Beiles
Robert & Yolande Bel Bruno
Tom & Jayne Benton
Jennifer Bergen
Diane Blasco
The Boshnack Family
Sandra Bell & Bradley Johnson
The Bramwit Family
Ruth Brannan
Joe & Kathy Bucci
The Burns Family
Josh & Robin Busch
Reid & Sue Campbell
Steve & Karen Campe
Peter & Carol Catalano
Jeanette Chen
Pamela Chin
The Cioffi Family
Craig & Kristen Cloud
D.Coleman & Kim Conkling
William & Doreen Conley
Doug & Lauren Corbett
John & Carrie Corcoran
Andy & Carolyn Corcoran
Barbara Coughlan
The Cronin Family
John & Wendy Cunney
Timonthy & Dona Curt
Gary & Lori Curto
Molly DeGaetano
Aymon & Toni DeMauro
Mary DiCosmo
Noreen DiRocco
Anthony & Meg Domino
Michael Dorfsman
John & Alix Dunn
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Erichs
Greg & Becky Ethridge
Joanna Fahy
Calvin & Christen Farley
Jessica Flanagan
David & Malia Frame
Suzanne Fredericks
Robert & Jennifer Gallois
Christen Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Gelhaus
Serena Gillespie
John Goodwin
Andrew & Deborah Gordon
Jeffrey & Tracey Gould
Jim & Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Harrell

Roger & Claudia Harris
Caroline Hayes
Peter & Gwyneth Hemmers
Carol Herbig
Gregory Hickey
Charles Holmes
Adam & Stefanie Howarth
Robert & Laurel Howe
Peter & Jane Hunsinger
Susan Kammler
Tom & Renee Kemp
Peter & Kate Kend
Mary Karen Keneally
Kyle & Elizabeth Keogh
Brian & Pat Klapper
John & Anne-Marie Knight
Reto & Kate Koller
Jason & Janie Konidaris
The Kristoff Family
Julie Kurtzman
The Kushner Family
Scott & Jennifer Laurence
John & Victoria Linnartz
Andrew & Maria Livesay
John & Christina Lopes
Robert & Robin Lord
Stuart & Susan Lovejoy
Marc & Maria Magliacano
Kevin & Epo Manning
Anabel Martinez
Katherine Mastroianni
Lisa McCarthy
Phillip McClain & Janet Hartery
Alan & Sharon McClymonds
John & Susan McDonough
The Kristoff Family
Julie Kurtzman
The Kushner Family
Scott & Jennifer Laurence
John & Victoria Linnartz
Andrew & Maria Livesay
John & Christina Lopes
Robert & Robin Lord
Stuart & Susan Lovejoy
Marc & Maria Magliacano
Kevin & Epo Manning
Anabel Martinez
Neil & Jennifer Mehta
Stephen & Stacy Mettler
Edward & Geraldine Mohr
Charles & Christine Moore
Keith Morris
George & Carolyn Mulry
Christian & Stacy Murphy
Jack & Jennifer Murphy
Angela Mushkin
Leslie Nathan-Street

Chris & M.E. O’Connor
Suzanne O’Connor
Brendan J. O’Halloran
Kimon & Julie Passios
Stephen & Roberta Peet
Frank & Anita Pelli
Joan Pendergast
Chris & Liza Pohle
Jerry & Molly Polacek
Jeffrey & Lisa Popper
Jon & Tracy Potter
Mr. & Mrs. William Pratt
Paul & Anne-Marie Queally
Michael & Kristin Reed
Rich & Michelle Riley
Stephen & Katharine Roach
Adam & Amy Rochlin
Nancy Roeder
Steven & Susan Root
Jennifer Ruth
Tom Sanseverino
Jeremy & Margaret Saunders
Durc & Janeen Savini
Joseph & Kristen Schlim
Molly Scott
William Scrima
John & Sheila Serena
Mark & Mylinh Shattan
John & Amy Sheffield
Mike & Danielle Sieckhaus
Sandra Siegel
Eileen Silva
Douglas & Deborah Simpson
Hunter & Marcy Smith
Mike & Janine Smith
Kendall Sneddon
Steven & Miriam Sosnick
Marcus St.Raymond
William & Olga Steinberg
Joe & Doris Talamo
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Trahanas
The Turpin Family
Christian Toft-Nielsen
Jeff & Anne Trinklein
Christopher & Suzi Turner
Adam & Liz Unger
Charlie & Julie Visconsi
Gary & Shelley Vogel
Adam & Keelin Weiss
Keith & Ann Whittaker
Tom & Debbie Woodard
Chris & Lisa Wright
Dixon Yee
Julio & Maria Zamona

*Donations received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. Please excuse any omissions or misspellings.