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Although you may be feeling excited about your kids getting back to school, they may be experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from high energy, to overwhelming sadness.

Acknowledge that it is natural to have positive & negative feelings about going back to school Mourning the end of summer is normal, for kids and parents! Let kids know they are not alone in their ambivalence. Hide a summer memento (friendship bracelet, photo, note) – in a lunch bag for your child to find.

Ease back into routines, including bedtimes, mealtimes, homework time. Starting these routines a few days in advance of school is most effective, but don’t dump all on at once. Make time for sleep-ins and ice-cream to ease the transition.

Establish spaces for your kids to study. Depending upon the age and independence of your child, this space may include homework kit (fun and colorful), calculator, ruler, graph paper, post-it notes, sharpened pencils, good lighting. An equipped and organized space decreases distractions and increases productivity.

Rein in Screen Time It zaps energy, intensifies mood swings, and detracts from academic, athletic and REAL-LIVE social success.

Create a family schedule and post it Kids love knowing in advance what and where they will need to be each day. Schedules also provide a barometer for YOU to scale down when the schedule gets overloaded.

Continue good habits begun during summer, such as board games, movie nights, family time, read-alouds, DIY projects.

New Canaan Cares, Meg Domino


Meg Domino, PhD, MCHES,
Executive Director, New Canaan CARES